While many feel Veer quickly went from a monster heel to a comical character on the 7/18 “WWE Raw” episode, the Superstar himself believes a shift to his on-screen persona will bode him well in the long run.

In conversation with Daily Star, Veer confirmed he’s undergoing a drastic character change, detailing why he uttered the word “Boo!” in a bizarre backstage segment with Sarah Schreiber earlier this week.

“Why say so much when you can get it done saying so little, right? If that works, what else do we need? The reaction and support has been great [and] has created a buzz around the world,” Veer said.

“The world hasn’t seen my other side yet. Yes, we’re trying to show the world that Veer Mahaan isn’t just a scary guy that walks around in the ring. We’re trying to show our audience that Veer is not just a beast and an angry man, he has other sides. That’s why the world has got to tune in more to see what’s going to happen next!”

Earlier this year, the phrase “Veer is Coming” became a meme on social media as WWE aired vignettes for several months hyping his debut – which happened eventually on the “Raw” after WrestleMania 38. Reflecting on the lengthy wait, Veer revealed he took the time to learn about the WWE roster and motivate himself to get better.

“At the end of the day, I’m human as well,” Veer admitted. “I waited and at times, it can be frustrating when you want something and you don’t get it. But for me, all the frustration and waiting went towards my work. I would watch clips of all the other superstars and educating myself on what they are all about. But I never let that bother me. I just let it motivate me even more because this isn’t my first ride, coming from track and field, to baseball, to coming here.”

Veer added, “That specific time [waiting] made me a better athlete if I’m honest with you. Since I came to WWE, it has made me a better competitor and athlete, and made me more disciplined than I ever was before.”

Veer hasn’t wrestled a singles match on WWE TV since his win over Rey Mysterio on June 13. Following that win, he was seen in the Last Chance Battle Royal on June 27 before being relegated to Main Event. He remains undefeated since his debut win over Dominik Mysterio in April.

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