One of the most iconic one-word statement’s during the rise of WWE NXT came about when a group rivalry got to a level that a normal match couldn’t settle, that statement of course being: “WARGAMES!”

The unforgettable phrase came from the mouth of former NXT General Manager William Regal various times, using it to elevate long-standing rivalries and add excitement to the match with an open-roof cage and two rings. The shout has been a memorable part of Regal’s time in NXT, with the former GM receiving several requests to say the word even after he was let go by the company.

Unfortunately for fans, now that Regal is All Elite, he’s chosen not to say the word. He explained why on the latest episode of the “Gentleman Villain Podcast.”

“That’s out of sheer respect for the company, WWE, because I know that’s their thing,” Regal said. “People have asked me to say that, just people I meet nowadays. It’s [WWE’s] thing, and they haven’t asked me not to, they haven’t said anything that I can’t say, but it’s their thing so I’m leaving it. Now I work for AEW, I do AEWs [Blood and Guts].”

Not only does holding off from using the phrase hurt wrestling fans who loved to hear it, but it’s also apparently stopping him from making a boat load of money.

“Probably stopping my bank account because I could get on Cameo and just say the other word and do nothing else but do that, I think,” Regal said. “There’s that many people liking me saying what I used to in NXT. I’m not going to ask, and unless they said it was okay to do it, I wouldn’t.

“[WWE was] good to me, and I’m not going to take liberties with stuff like a lot of people would. I respect the fact that that’s their thing, so I’m not going to do that.”

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