Would No Way Jose Ever Sign With AEW?

Levis Valenzuela spent five years working as No Way Jose for WWE, where he was part of the "NXT" roster and then the main roster, entertaining the masses with his dancing and party-style gimmick. But would he ever conga his way to the ring in AEW?

Valenzuela took to his Instagram to answer the question, revealing, "This is the second most popular question I get, so allow me to answer it for you," and the answer was a resounding yes.


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Valenzuela originally signed with WWE in 2015, debuting at live events, but he first appeared on television for "NXT" in 2016. Throughout his time on the black and gold brand, he blended the dancing, party-style gimmick with his in-ring work, having notable rivalries with the likes of SAnitY and Austin Aries. He was brought to "WWE Raw" following WWE WrestleMania 34 in 2018, where he spent the remainder of his time with WWE, but Valenzuela was never given any notable feuds during that period. He has admitted in the past that he "kept pitching to try to walk with Elias, like be a groupie," but that storyline never materialized.

When WWE cut talent in April 2002 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Valenzuela was one of the people let go, and since then he has displayed a new look and worked under the name of "Levy Valenz." He also got the opportunity to work with Impact Wrestling briefly, making his debut for the company at the 2021 Slammiversary event where his name changed once again, this time billing himself as "No Way,"a clear nod to his WWE career.

During his stint with Impact Wrestling, Valenzuela got the chance to work alongside Fallah Bahh, even teaming up for a shot at the Impact World Tag Team Championships, although they were unsuccessful. His Impact contract ended in November 2021. Since that point, Valenzuela has been working on the independent scene, but has yet to work a match in 2022.