WWE Nixes Originally Advertised Raw Plans, New Match Set

As noted, it was advertised throughout the weekend and into Monday that a big United States Championship open challenge hosted by current Champion Bobby Lashley would be taking place on tonight's episode of WWE "Raw". But shortly after the show got underway, it was made clear that the original match wouldn't be taking place, and that's not the only segment of the night that was inexplicably altered.

WWE also nixed the plan for the Riddle vs. Theory singles match for tonight's show. Instead, they have decided to combine the two segments into an unadvertised tag team match of Riddle & Lashley vs. Theory & Seth Rollins, still allowing all 3 men to cross paths but giving no explanation to viewers looking forward to the previously advertised bouts.

Theory also appeared in the opening segment of the night when Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were going back and forth on the mic. He, yet again, promised that he would cash in his MITB briefcase on either Roman Reigns or Lesnar after their Last Man Standing Match at SummerSlam to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

This isn't the first time in recent memory that WWE has pulled the plug on a match they had already announced. Leading up to the Money in the Bank Premium Live Event, the company claimed that an episode of "Raw" would see Ezekiel vs. Kevin Owens in a MITB Qualifying Match. However, that match would never actually take place and WWE ignored the fact that it was advertised whatsoever. The match was seemingly replaced by a "Last Chance" Battle Royal, which was won by Riddle, who clinched a spot for the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder match.

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