WWE NXT 2.0 Results (7/26) – Diamond Mine & Tony D’Angelo’s Family Do Battle

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- Zoey Stark makes her way to the ring to start the show. Stark says it feels so good to be back in the ring. She says that she tore her ACL straight off the bone at Halloween Havoc. She was told she'd be out for a year. Stark said deep down she knew she could beat that timetable. Stark says she got to work straight away. Stark wondered if the fans would remember her. She says she lived in the trainer's room, and she got back four months ahead of schedule. Stark says it made all the hard times worth it with the noise she heard from the fans when she returned. Stark talks about Toxic Attraction, the same women that nearly ended her career. Stark says she is going to take the "NXT" Women's Championship from Mandy Rose. Cora Jade appears in the rafters. Stark asks Jade how she felt about being thrown over the ropes after she returned. Jade blames Stark for stealing her moment, just like Roxanne Perez ruined her moment. Stark calls Jade a piece of trash. Toxic Attraction then appear. Rose says when it comes to the title, she only wins. Rose says tomorrow she will become the fourth longest-reigning "NXT" Women's Champion, mentioning Paige and Bayley. Rose tells everyone to put some respect on her name. Stark asks Rose for her title match tonight. Gigi Dolin says she will fight Stark tonight.

- Grayson Waller cuts a promo backstage while walking to the ring. He says he's going to embarrass Wesley Lee next.

- Backstage, Tony D'Angelo talks to his family. He says he's got a good feeling about the direction of the family. He says that everyone always has to keep proving their worth. D'Angelo says tonight it's all about business.

Grayson Waller vs. Wesley Lee

Waller gains the early advantage by toying with Lee. Lee responds by taking Waller down with an arm drag. Lee uses his athleticism to take Waller off his feet. Waller gets frustrated and runs straight into a series of arm drags. Lee knocks Waller down again. Waller responds with a big boot to the midsection. The action heads to the outside. Lee takes control and sends Waller back into the ring.

Waller turns the tables with a backbreaker. Waller sends Lee back to the floor. Waller delivers a chop to the chest of Lee before sending him back into the ring. Lee looks to fight back, but Waller stops him in his tracks. After Waller dominated, Lee hit back. Lee was sent to the outside and someone on the front row knocked him down with a punch. The referee didn't see what happened. Lee manages to break the referee's count. Waller lands a Cutter in the middle of the ring to win the match. It was revealed to be Trick Williams, who knocked Lee down with boxing gloves.

Winner: Grayson Waller via pinfall

- Joe Gacy is interviewed backstage with The Dyad. Jagger Reed and Rip Fowler speak about joining Gacy. Gacy says he can be an important figure in Cameron Grimes' life. Gacy says they will continue their message next week.

- Backstage, Indi Hartwell and Arianna Grace have an encounter backstage ahead of their match later tonight.

Apollo Crews vs. Xyon Quinn

Crews manages to take Quinn down and dominates the early stages of the match. Quinn replies and has Crews on the back foot. Crews delivers a big suplex and now has control of the match. Quinn locks Crews in a headlock submission on the mat. Quinn continues to wear down Crews. Crews eventually builds momentum once more and delivers a flurry of moves. Crews takes Quinn down with a crossbody. Quinn turns the tables once again, but is unable to finish off Crews. Crews manages to plant Quinn back-first into the mat to win.

Winner: Apollo Crews via pinfall

- Backstage, Toxic Attraction are interviewed. Rose says that Dolin is going to cancel Stark's opportunity at the "NXT" Women's Championship, set to take place in three weeks at Heatwave. Sarray interrupts eyeing up a Women's Championship match. Rose says she has never forgotten what she did to her.

- A vignette airs for Solo Sikoa ahead of his match against Von Wagner in a Falls Count Anywhere match next week.

Gigi Dolin w/ Jacy Jayne & "NXT" Women's Champion Mandy Rose vs. Zoey Stark

Stark sends Dolin into the corner. Stark attempts to continue her offense, but Rose and Jayne cause a distraction at ringside. Stark hits a series of moves on Dolin in response. Stark eventually lands a knee to the face of Dolin to win.

Winner: Zoey Stark via pinfall

- Jayne attempts to attack Stark after the match. Rose attempts to enter the ring but escapes. Stark signals that the "NXT" Women's Championship will be hers in three weeks. Jade hits the ring and hits Stark with a kendo stick. Perez then makes her return as Jade quickly exits through the crowd. Perez helps Stark to her feet.

- In the parking lot, JD McDonagh arrives. He says he's a member of the paying public tonight after arriving in a black car.

- A vignette airs showing Wendy Choo dreaming about Tiffany Stratton's attacks. When Choo wakes up, she explains that she woke up on the wrong side of the bed because of Stratton. Choo says the next time Stratton sees her, it will be lights out.

- JD McDonagh is shown sitting in the crowd. He apologizes to the fans for not introducing himself properly. McDonagh goes up to a fan eating popcorn and asks how many American's pass away eating popcorn per year. McDonagh then goes up to the timekeeper and picks up a hammer. McDonagh tells everyone what a hammer can do to the human hand. McDonagh then focuses on Alicia Taylor and Wade Barrett. McDonagh tells Barrett that it appears the bare knuckle boxing has taken its toll on his hands, and it could be damaging for him. McDonagh then goes to Vic Joseph and says he didn't like the way he spoke about his family last week. McDonagh threatens to break his collarbone. McDonagh calls out "NXT" Champion Bron Breakker in the ring to introduce himself. Breakker says in three weeks it is the Heatwave event. Breakker says next week they're making their match official. McDonagh headbutts Breakker. Breakker replies, giving McDonagh a taste of his own medicine.

- Backstage, Andre Chase University are talking. Nathan Frazer makes his return and asks if he can be the flag carrier for the next match.

- A vignette is shown recapping Axiom's debut.

- Backstage, Roxanne Perez is interviewed. Perez says that it is fine if Cora Jade wants to throw away their friendship. Perez says she can't stand for Jade throwing the "NXT" Women's Tag Team Championship in the trash. Alundra Blayze then appears with a trash can. Perez pulls out the title Jade dropped in the trash. Blayze says next week, there will be a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Elimination Match to crown new "NXT" Women's Tag Team Champions.

Giovanni Vinci vs. Andre Chase

Vinci immediately showcases his strength in the early moments. Chase manages to take Vinci down to the mat and locks him in submission. Vinci counters and locks Chase in a headlock. Chase reverses and locks Vinci in another submission. A number of near falls occur, as Chase once again takes down Vinci. Vinci responds with a big dropkick. Vinci grabs and snaps a Chase U flag. Chase sends Vinci through the middle turnbuckle into the ring post. We got to a commercial.

Vinci is in control of the match as we return from the commercial. Chase lands a near fall with the pin attempt. Vinci sends Chase to the outside. Back in the ring, Chase lands a series of strikes to Vinci. Chase stomps Vinci on the mat as the fans chant out the initials to Chase U. Vinci catches Chase from the top and delivers a big suplex. Chase scores another near fall following a powerbomb. Vinci then delivers his own powerbomb to win the match.

Winner: Giovanni Vinci via pinfall

- After the match, Vinci attacks Chase. Nathan Frazer enters the ring to chase off Vinci.

- Backstage, Diamond Mine are shown warming up for their match against Tony D'Angelo's family. They have a pep talk to get fired up.

- Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz talk over a tablet about their opportunity in the "NXT" Women's Tag Team Championship match next week.

- Backstage, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter are interviewed. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley interrupt, and both teams argue over who will win the "NXT" Women's Tag Team Championship next week. Elektra Lopez enters, and a brawl takes places.

Indi Hartwell vs. Arianna Grace

Hartwell and Grace lock up to get the match underway. Hartwell keeps Grace at bay and sends her down on the canvas. Grace replies as the momentum swings in her favor. Grace registers a near fall with a pin attempt. Grace locks Hartwell in a head submission on the mat. Grace pins Hartwell but uses the ropes for leverage, which the referee spots. Hartwell bashes Grace in the face to win the match.

Winner: Indi Hartwell via pinfall

- Backstage, Von Wagner and Mr. Stone respond to Solo Sikoa's challenge. Mr. Stone encourages Von Wagner to decline. Von Wagner, however, accepts.

- A vignette airs for Kiana James. James presents a slideshow about the "NXT" women's division. She focuses on tearing down Nikkita Lyons.

- A video package then airs promoting Alba Fyre vs. Lash Legend taking place next week. A preview graphic for the "NXT" Women's Tag Team Championship match is shown, which will kick off the show next week. An "NXT" Championship Summit will take place, as well as Von Wagner vs. Solo Sikoa in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Tony D'Angelo and the D'Angelo Family (Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde & Stacks) vs. Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong, the Creed Brothers & Damon Kemp)

Strong starts the match for Diamond Mine and goes to work on the opposing team. Julius Creed is tagged in, and he sends Stacks across the ring. Moments later, Julius is backed into the corner of the D'Angelo Family. All eight competitors ultimately enter the ring and the action spills all over. Diamond Mine gain the advantage and take control of the match. The D'Angelo's reply by keeping Kemp in their corner. After a chaotic back-and-forth, Tony D'Angelo picks up the win after Strong accidentally connected with Julius.

Winners: Tony D'Angelo and the D'Angelo Family (Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde & Stacks) via pinfall

- In the parking lot, Alundra Blayze is greeted by Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. Toxic Attraction want her to hand over the titles. Blayze says they will have to fight for the titles.

- That's all for "NXT 2.0" this week!