WWE NXT Star Gets A New Name And Gimmick

WWE NXT UK standout A-Kid had a brief run on "NXT 2.0." in March, wrestling a pair of matches against Grayson Waller and KUSHIDA. He would also wrestle a Three-Way match against Cameron Grimes and Roderick Strong before disappearing from WWE TV.

During his time away, A-Kid was apparently busy working on his new character, which was introduced through a vignette on the 7/5 Great American Bash episode. The inaugural NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion is now going by the name "Axiom" and being a math wizard is part of his gimmick. Although his face was never shown in the video, fans could immediately identify him from his accent and the back of his head.

In the promo, Axiom spoke about growing up "a very bright child" and why he and "a lot of other intelligent kids" were bullied due to their high IQ. To adapt, Axiom "decided to do something about it" by learning "how to fight back."

The vignette, a full video of which can be seen here, also featured close-up shots of Axiom's in-ring mat skills.

"I had a gift for mathematics," Axiom continued. "When I closed my eyes at times, I would see numbers and equations. I realized there's a solution to every problem. Whether it's mathematics or physics, it all comes down to an equation."

"Where the body fails, the mind can push you to new heights," Axiom would say to conclude the vignette.

Axiom (real name Carlos Ruiz) originally hails from Madrid, Spain. He gained prominence in the North American indie circuit with performances for CHIKARA and PWG, among other promotions. The 25-year-old signed with WWE in 2019, following which he was assigned to the NXT UK brand.