The former A-Kid will re-debut as Axiom on next week’s “NXT 2.0” episode, WWE announced Tuesday.

A new vignette aired for Axiom on the 7/12 episode, showing the high-flying wrestler browsing through comic books in a store, and then wearing a mask inside a ring.

During the vignette, Axiom would seemingly confirm that he’d be wrestling under a mask.

“When I was growing up, comics were my escape from reality,” Axiom said. “I could sit in my room and escape the chaos, slipping into a far away time or universe. As I learned to fight, I wondered if I could emulate my idols, and take the leap from page to reality. I could be everything I always wanted to be, I could be my own superhero. Break free of the world I lived in and inspire others, I could be a symbol.”

He added, “I remain anonymous because it’s not about me, it’s about everyone else. I am Axiom.”

The first vignette for Axiom’s debut aired on the 7/5 Great American Bash episode, introducing him as a math wizard who grew up learning to fight off bullies. Although his face was never shown, fans could identify him from his accent and the back of his head.

“I had a gift for mathematics,” Axiom said in the first promo. “When I closed my eyes at times, I would see numbers and equations. I realized there’s a solution to every problem. Whether it’s mathematics or physics, it all comes down to an equation.”

“Where the body fails, the mind can push you to new heights.”

A-Kid previously debuted for “NXT 2.0.” in March, picking up victories against the likes of Grayson Waller and KUSHIDA. However, he disappeared from NXT after a Three-Way Match against Cameron Grimes and Roderick Strong, returning to NXT UK for a brief run. His lengthy absence was most likely so he and WWE could work on the finer aspects of his new character, Axiom.

Axiom (real name Carlos Ruiz) originally hails from Madrid, Spain. He made waves in the United States indie circuit for promotions such as CHIKARA and PWG, before landing a contract with WWE in 2019. He was assigned to the NXT UK brand in 2019.

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