WWE Once Again Teases Debut Of Ezekiel's Younger Brother On Raw

WWE once again teased the debut of Elrod, the supposed younger brother of Ezekiel and Elias, on the 7/4 "WWE Raw" episode.

During the Independence Day Cookout segment, Ezekiel would recount an incident from his childhood while chatting with The Street Profits.

"When we were younger, you know Elias, Elrod and myself, we entered a pie-eating contest," he told The Profits.

When asked who won the contest, Ezekiel said, "Let's just say no one," while recalling how all three brothers wound up on the floor. "It was a real barfarama," he added while describing how the contest ended.

The conversation would be cut short when Ezekiel accidentally squeezed ketchup on Seth Rollins' shirt, leading to a match. Elrod was once again referenced during the match by the announcers.

For three consecutive weeks, WWE has made references to Elrod. On the 6/20 "WWE Raw," Kevin Owens mentioned how he was willing to fight Ezekiel, Elias or their younger brother, Elrod, in a match the following week. WWE would then advertise the match as Owens vs. one of the three brothers across social media.

While the match never actually happened, Elrod was once again referenced on the 6/27 "Raw" during the Ezekiel – John Cena backstage segment. When asked the whereabouts of Elias, Ezekiel would tell Cena that his guitar-wielding brother was showing Elrod "around the ring," implying that their youngest brother was preparing for his wrestling debut.

He would once again reference Elrod while seeking advice from Cena.

"I love 'to walk with Elias' and it's incredible 'to trod with Elrod," Ezekiel told Cena. "But I want to make sure that the whole world wants 'to speak with Zeke.'"

It's probably only a matter of time until Elrod makes his WWE debut.