7/25 WWE Raw Gets Off To A Chaotic Start

The first WWE show since Triple H took the helm as head of WWE creative started in chaos, as Logan Paul and The Miz were already exchanging blows as soon as the episode began. No words had been traded on television, but the commentators did mention that Paul called out The Miz just before WWE "Raw" went live. The segment wrapped up as backstage officials split up the SummerSlam opponents while they yelled insults at one another.

As noted, Triple H is recognized as the head of WWE's creative team beginning today, inspiring "general excitement" about the news amongst talent, many of whom worked closely with 'The Game' during his tenure running "NXT" between 2012 and 2021. USA Network — the network that airs both "Raw" and "NXT" — is also looking forward to the company's future with Triple H as the primary creative influence.

Major news emerged this past weekend when Vince McMahon announced his retirement from all responsibilities in WWE. In the aftermath, Stephanie McMahon and WWE President Nick Khan were announced as the company's co-CEO, while Triple H took over for Bruce Prichard after being Interim Head of Creative for a brief run. McMahon is said to still be available to a limited extent during his transition away from the company to help his replacements become familiar with their roles. McMahon remains the majority owner of the company despite retiring amid numerous investigations prompted by the original Wall Street Journal report and its follow-up, in which the alleged hush payment money rose to more than $12 million. Earlier this evening, it was revealed in another WSJ report that federal prosecutors and the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) are now looking into the payments made by the former-WWE Chairman & CEO.

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