WWE Saturday Night's Main Event From Bossier (7/9): Street Fight Match

WWE held a Saturday Night's Main Event with the "Raw" roster. In the main event, Riddle defeated Seth Rollins in a Street Fight match.

Also during the show, Asuka defeated Becky Lynch, Omos defeated Cedric Alexander, and Ezekiel defeated Ciampa.

Below is the full results courtesy of WrestleZone: 

* Dolph Ziggler defeated Theory. Theory originally thought he won but the ref caught his foot on the ropes during the pin.

* Veer Mahaan defeated R-Truth

* Ezekiel defeated Tommaso Ciampa

* Dana Brooke defeated Doudrop. Carmella came out afterward and cut a heel promo to the crowd.

* Asuka defeated Becky Lynch

* Omos defeated Cedric Alexander

* Finn Balor defeated Dominik Mysterio

* Street Fight: Riddle defeated Seth Rollins