Becky Lynch Hints At WWE's 'New Era' Bringing Back Banned Terms

WWE has undergone many transformations over the last few decades, and with Vince McMahon officially handing over the reins to new management, top female star Becky Lynch has hinted that the company will bring back previously banned terms.

"Maybe we get to bring some words back," foreshadowed Lynch to ESPN while speaking with them. "I like words. I like having a free range of lots of words. Belts, fans, whatever else it is."

Lynch also shared her thoughts about Triple H's new prominent role in the company, saying that everything he's done for NXT and the women's division has forever changed the business and speaks for itself. She praised The Game for treating women as equals to men and always understanding what talent goes through to be energized creatively. She also said that he has a great eye for telling stories before directly contrasting this to the constant last-minute changes and aimless storylines of the past.

Lynch also mentioned that she felt very bittersweet about McMahon stepping down from his position in the company.

"Everything I've ever known about WWE has always had Vince in charge, and we wouldn't have WWE the way it is if it wasn't for Vince. He's somebody who believed in me and allowed me to do everything I've done."

McMahon announced his retirement from the company in late July to the shock of the wrestling world. The news came following an investigation into McMahon for paying at least five women off with hush money totaling almost $15 million to silence them for alleged sexual misconduct and harassment. McMahon's daughter, Stephanie, and former President Nick Khan were promptly named co-CEOs of WWE, while Stephanie's husband, Triple H was named the new Head of Creative and the Vice President of Talent Relations.

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