How AEW Ring Announcer Paid Tribute To Blackjack Brown On Dynamite

AEW ring announcer Justin Roberts wore a black glove on the 8/3 "AEW Dynamite" episode, paying tribute to the late David 'Blackjack' Brown. As noted earlier, the legendary wrestling photographer and journalist passed away over the weekend after a heart attack.

Shortly after Brown's passing, Roberts penned an emotional note on his Instagram detailing the role played by Brown in helping him break into the wrestling business. Prior to Wednesday's show, Roberts shared the following images on his Instagram Stories.

Roberts' earlier tribute to Brown can be read below.

If you grew up watching WWF, ringside photographer Blackjack Brown was always on your screen. If you were in the business, chances are that you have a story about something Blackjack did to help you and your journey.

I met Blackjack in 1994 at AWF tv tapings in St Charles, IL. I was a 14 year old kid enamored with pro wrestling and spotted Blackjack. I wasn't a guy working my way up in the business, I was a high school freshman that just wanted to find a way into that magical world of.

LONG story short, despite this-Blackjack gave me his address so we could write letters (which I found out later on that he saved) and he would send me shots from his WWF/WCW shows. He gave me advice from that point of just wanting in, all the way through last week. He encouraged me early on when I had no chance of making it, to go for it. He told me I was going to make it..and with that distinct voice and Brooklyn accent, assured me that he's never been wrong.

Over the years he would tell me his stories about some of your favorite wrestlers that he would coach the same way and even introduced them to the powers that be in WWF and WCW. He pulled a lot of strings and connected a lot of guys.

I would tell him that he should write a book, filled with the fascinating stories that had never been told and his photos that physically sat in his home and never made it to the digital age.

He didn't want to tell his stories in a book though, he kept them for his friends. Lots and lots of talents have Blackjack to thank for their career and he knew it..and they knew it. I know the part he played in mine and I am so thankful that he was there from the very beginning to encourage and guide me over the years.

I got the news this morning that he passed away last night and I wish I had the words to express how thankful I am for having Blackjack as a friend, but no words can do him justice. If you knew Blackjack, you get it..and you're also a better person for it. RIP Blackjack, I miss you already.

Besides Roberts, the likes of Taz, Tommy Dreamer, The Blue Meanie, Pat Buck and several others also wrote emotional tributes on social media remembering the behind-the-scenes wrestling personality.

Brown, widely regarded as a pioneer in wrestling journalism, penned columns for New York Daily News and Chicago Sun-Times dating back to the days of WWWF in the 1970s. He also hosted a popular 900 phone line for wrestling news long before the advent of the internet.


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