Is there a budding WWE Superstar that WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart would like to manage?

In his conversation with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman at SummerSlam Week, the legendary “Mouth of the South” chose a rather surprising name that he’d like to be a mouthpiece or valet for.

“You know who I think I can really help? Dominik,” Hart responded. “Yes, because if and when his daddy [Rey Mysterio] retires, I think I could go in and really help Dominik. I think Dominik’s young right now. He’s got a lot of potential, he’s very good as he is now, but I think someone like Jimmy Hart with him would be tremendous.”

Earlier, Hart was asked if WWE had ever approached him about going down to NXT to mentor the future stars.

“Can you believe it? It’s such an injustice – they should be calling me to do that,” Hart said. “So, Stephanie [McMahon] and Triple H, don’t forget Jimmy Hart’s right down here in Tampa, Florida, which is just a short drive to Orlando. I think I can help.”

Hart added, “Absolutely, yes, I can help. NXT is part of our future, I’d love to go down there and help out do anything.”

In previous years, NXT has utilized WWE Hall of Famers such as Ted Dibiase, Rick Steiner and Alundra Blayze for brief storylines and segments.

Meanwhile, this week’s “WWE Raw” ended with Dominik Mysterio getting accidentally speared by WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who made a run-in to save the Mysterios from a beatdown at the hands of Judgment Day. WWE has been teasing the possibility of Dominik betraying his father to join Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest as part of the Judgment Day stable.

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