Kevin Nash Reveals Backstage WWE Raw Change Under Triple H's Lead

With Vince McMahon officially retiring from professional wrestling in all aspects, Triple H is taking over Vince's position as head of creative for the main roster brands, "Monday Night Raw" and "Friday Night Smackdown" which means there will be some change in how the shows are produced and ran.

"Vince will f*cking not have the show done," WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash said on Kliq This. "I remember when I was working with CM Punk and Phil and I would just be sitting there and of course, it didn't affect me because they gave me no f*cking verbiage ... They wanted the basic bullets and we just look at each other and the pyro is starting and we don't even have, 'I'll see you out there.'

"I think right one thing, one thing guaranteed that happened this Monday was that it was, you know, people knew probably by 5:00 people had a concrete idea exactly what was going to f*cking happen in the Garden."

Vince had been known to tear up scripts that the writers put together hours before the show and write up an entire show on the day that the show was occurring, however, under a new head of creative, that may not happen.

The 14-time World Champion Triple H is just one of a few people who saw new roles in Vince's stepping down. Vince had stepped down as Chairman of the Board and CEO in June following allegations of him paying hush money through the company's resources to women whom he had inappropriate affairs with, leaving his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, as the interim CEO and first-ever Chairwoman of the Board. However, now that Vince has fully retired, Nick Khan and Stephanie have officially taken over control of WWE as co-Ceos.

The most recent episode of "Monday Night Raw" on August 1st, which was headlined by a Unified Tag Team Championship match between The Usos and The Mysterios, a match won by The Usos, saw many changes in the product.

Some notable changes were mentions of NXT, the matches that were on-screen for the most part had time to tell a story, Ciampa, who is a "Triple H guy" from his time in NXT, saw a more prominent role on the show, winning two big matches, becoming the number one contender for the United States Championship, a title that now seems to be viewed as important, and more.

Triple H was once in charge of creative in "NXT", however, following a health scare in the second half of 2021,  former D-Generation X stablemate of Triple H's, Shawn Michaels, has taken on more important roles for the rebranded version of "NXT" known as "NXT 2.0"

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