Max Caster Was Bothered By Comparisons To Top WWE Star

Max Caster, one half of The Acclaimed alongside Anthony Bowens, is pretty over with the AEW audience — and not just for his in-ring work. Caster has become known for performing raps on his way to the ring, usually dissing whoever he and/or Bowens is about to take on in singles or tag team action. Of course, one notable wrestler who also used to rap on his way to the ring in the early stages of his career is John Cena, who has since developed into a 16-time world champion in WWE.

"The John Cena stuff bothered me at first," Caster said while appearing on "AllHipHopTV." "It's tough to do something new in wrestling, right? Everything's been done ... It bothered me at first but then I realized, 'Well, you're comparing me to arguably the greatest wrestler of all time,' definitely the biggest drawing wrestler of the modern era, or at least the era we're in now, so it's not a bad thing.

"To have John reach out to me and say the things he said publicly about me, that meant a lot. I saw those comments right before I wrestled CM Punk, and I had a moment with myself and I'm just like, 'Damn, this a crazy life,' you know?"

Caster wrestled Punk, another former WWE Champion, on the March 30th edition of "AEW Dynamite," which saw Punk walk away with the victory. Caster, who likes to reference world events and pop culture in his raps, alluded to Hunter Biden, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, and Punk's failed acting career.

Until recently, Caster and Bowens had formed something of a stable with the Gunn Club, a dynamic that saw Colten and Austin Gunn constantly bothered by Caster, Bowens, and the arena insisting on calling the duo "Ass Boys." However, the Gunn Club had enough and turned on The Acclaimed, to the audience's dismay, which means no more scissoring "Daddy Ass," Billy Gunn, moving forward. The Acclaimed will take on the Gunn Club this Wednesday on "Dynamite" in AEW's first-ever Dumpster Match.

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