Road Dogg Comments On Triple H Taking Over WWE Creative

WWE has seen multiple changes since Vince McMahon officially resigned from all positions within WWE on July 22nd via Twitter, with one of the main changes in the landscape being 14-time World Champion Paul Levesque, fka Triple H, taking over as head of creative for the company moving forward. Seemingly everyone in wrestling has been asked to comment on the massive change, including Levesque's best friends.

"You can call me biased, you can call me whatever you want to, but since [Triple H] took over, Raw, the go-home Raw, and Saturday night were a huge success in my eyes," WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg said on the "Oh... You Didn't Know?" podcast. "You thought you were going to get a rematch like you've seen before and here came Brock Lesnar on a stinking tractor with a forklift on it, you know what I mean? Like, what in the world? So, look, I think they moved forward in a huge way, and I think they made the fans happy. I didn't hear one thing say anything negative about the show."

Brock Lesnar faced off against Roman Reigns in the main event of SummerSlam in what would be their sixth singles meeting — their seventh if you count the main event of WrestleMania 31, which was a singles match until Seth Rollins intervened and joined the contest. And while many of their previous matches involved the same general pacing and flow — a match involving multiple signature and finisher moves from both men,  and not much more than that — those all took place with McMahon at the creative helm. Levesque took a different approach to the contest, a Last Man Standing Match that, at more than 22 minutes, was their longest singles encounter by far, and that reached its peak when Lesnar usied the tractor to lift an entire side of the ring into the air, creating a visual never before seen in professional wrestling. Reigns ended up winning the match and retaining the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Levesque has already begun to make his mark on creative, as some noticeable changes have occurred in his first two weeks in his new position, including heavier importance on the United States Championship, longer matches on "WWE Raw," and clear support for wrestlers who had worked with Levesque in "NXT," including Ciampa, IYO SKY (the former Io Shirai), and Dakota Kai, who was released from WWE back in April. Levesque has also taken over as EVP of Talent Relations.

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