The conversation regarding the Mount Rushmore of the business is something everyone has, from fans to those in the industry themselves. Everybody has opinions on who belongs on it and why, and AEW’s Jake Hager has become the latest to weigh in on this widespread wrestling debate.

“I think Chris Jericho is really [on] the Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling. He really is solidifying his career and being one of the greatest of all time to do it,” Hager explained to Captain’s Corner. “It really just shows he’s one of the greatest because people want to work with him, and that chemistry you see on screen trickles down. It starts with him and the way he treats the people that he works with.

Hager has had the opportunity to work alongside Jericho throughout his entire AEW career, which has seen him work with various talents so far, and he believes that “Daddy Magic is about to become red hot.”

“You’d better get the Daddy Magic stuff while you can because he’s about to blow up. He’s the epitome of a sports entertainer,” he said.

When it comes to the leader of the faction, Hager has a lot of history dating back to their WWE days, as it was Jericho that he beat to become a World Champion for the first time. Despite that being a significant moment in his career, it did come with a warning from the veteran star.

“We go back a long time. We’re always kind of like traveling buddies, good people to know and rely on away from work,” he said. “I won the first World Title from him; I remember he poked me as hard as I’ve ever been poked in my chest right in front of certain people, and he said, ‘Don’t f*ck this up,’ hopefully, I didn’t.”

The Jericho Appreciation Society has proven to be a hit since the faction was created. The group has mainly been feuding with Eddie Kingston and the Blackpool Combat Club, which has seen some iconic matches. Hager admitted that “it’s just been cool for the short time we’ve been together,” which has shone on camera.

“I really like those guys. I vibe with them, I like working with them, and I think that always shows on screen when you have chemistry like that,” he said. “Anarchy in the Arena will always go down as one of my favorite matches. It was just nonstop, pure pandemonium. Even us in the match didn’t really know what was going on at all times.”

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