Will Bobby Lashley Bring Back The WWE United States Title Open Challenge?

Will Bobby Lashley be bringing back the United States Championship open challenge?

"I don't really think we do that anymore. I think Vince — I think we're going away with the open challenges," Lashley said on The Masked Man Show. "I think everybody is aware that I'm open for challenges, but I don't think we're going to go out there and say, 'Oh, I'm holding an open challenge,' and we're gonna go, 'Oh my God, somebody is coming out.' I don't think we need that."

Lashley continued to say that he has been selecting his opponents by finding men on the roster who are hungry and want to make a name for themselves. He said that he thought the roster was stacked with guys on both "Raw" and "SmackDown," such as Mustafa Ali, Apollo Crews, Ricochet, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander. They are incredible at what they do but were doing nothing notable as of late, so he wants to be the one who allows them to showcase their talents and step up to the challenge of taking him on.

Lashley also mentioned that you couldn't just have a cool move set when you become a champion in WWE. He said you have to be willing to fight, and anyone who comes face to face with him in the squared circle proves they can do that. He says that he sees himself as a test, and if someone beats him, it's a massive thing because they no longer are considered a guy trying to make it.

The United States Open Challenge was started in 2014 by John Cena to help get younger guys over and make the championship feel essential. Lashley won the United States Championship from Theory during Money in the Bank for the third time in his career.

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