WWE Commentators Weren't Given Heads Up About Recent Scary Spot

WWE celebrated its 35th annual SummerSlam event on July 30 at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, with the show showcasing a new era under the new head of WWE creative, Paul Levesque (fka Triple H). "The Biggest Party of the Summer" saw several returning stars and impactful moments, with the most memorable of the night happening in the main event.

Roman Reigns successfully defended his WWE Undisputed World Championship against Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing match to close out the show, in a match that was visually spectacular for multiple reasons. Lesnar entered the match on a tractor, jumping from the vehicle onto Reigns before the bell rang and later using the tractor to lift the ring and tilt it on its side.

What many didn't notice, however, is what happened once Lesnar tried to lift the ring. Before managing to get underneath the ring with the tractor, Lesnar first pushed it ring toward the announce desk, leading to a vocal Michael Cole yelling "Corey, get the hell out of there!"

During the latest episode of his podcast, "WWE After the Bell," Graves described exactly what happened during that moment in Nashville.

"I have never had my life flash before my eyes like I did Saturday night when Brock Lesnar got behind the tractor," Graves said. "We saw Brock make the entrance, I joked that somehow the tractor could come into play later on, thinking to myself 'How absurd is that, that's never going to happen.' Little did I know, Brock would hoist the ring, which is the visual that the entire world, even beyond WWE, was buzzing about Sunday morning into Monday.

"What a lot of people may not have seen, had they not been paying attention to the downright terror in my voice, was before Brock managed to lift the ring with the tractor, Brock just ran into it and pushed the entire however many pounds that ring weighs. He pushed it about four feet, directly at the commentary desk."

The former "NXT" Tag Team Champion-turned-WWE commentator said he was "in Kid Rock's lap" after being noticeably shaken up by the fear of almost getting crushed by the ring.

"I didn't have a heads up," Graves said. "Nobody said 'Hey, be careful, Brock might kill you.' So I literally don't think my feet touched the ground, I went from a seated position in my chair to the top of the barricade, where I nearly spilled out into the WWE fans — had it not been for my unlikely savior, WWE Hall of Famer Kid Rock, who was seated almost directly behind me.

"Luckily they were therem because they stopped me from crashing on the back of my head and jumping into the crowd. I was horrified at watching the ring, that's like pushing a building really fast directly at Michael Cole and myself."

Reigns would end up defeating Lesnar by putting anything he could find on-top of "The Beast" to keep him down for the 10 count. The win for "The Tribal Chief" successful gave him the honor being champion for over 700 days.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE After the Bell with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.