The New Day have solidified their position in the WWE's tag team division, but prior to being put together, all three members had been floundering without much direction. When former Intercontinental Champion Big E appeared on Talk Is Jericho this week, he credited CM Punk with helping him through that period.

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"Probably the Raw match I had with Punk," Big E responded, when asked about his favorite match he's had. "It was a big thing for me. My bodyguard run with AJ and Dolph Ziggler was over and I'd been on Superstars and Main Event for six weeks. The morning of Raw, I get my travel and I'm just going to Smackdown, so it's not looking good."

Big E said that when he saw the travel arrangements, he feared that he could be sent back down to NXT. However, he ended up working with Punk and turning babyface.

"I talked to AJ, and she told me that Punk asked to work with me, and I got the opportunity later to thank him. He said some really positive things. For a guy who had no real allegiance to me and was in a much better spot than me, to stick his neck out and asked Vince to work with me, it meant a lot," Big E said.

Big E would also say that if he hadn't had that match with Punk, he wasn't sure where his career was headed, and isn't sure that he'd be with New Day now if not for that.

You can listen to the full episode of Talk is Jericho at this link.

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