Becky Lynch Reveals Her WWE Royal Rumble Pick, Talks Backstage Reaction To Her Steel Cage Match

Becky Lynch spoke with Mike Jones of DC 101 to promote Sunday's WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. She discussed her Royal Rumble prediction, why it's her favorite event, the intimidation of the cage match with Alexa Bliss and the support from Smackdown's Superstars after it, Kurt Angle deserving his Hall of Fame spot and her birthday plans for Monday. You can listen to the full interview in the audio below, they sent us these highlights:

Her first cage match on SmackDown last week:

"It's daunting, it really is. When it's coming down, it makes that sound when it's coming down. And you're in there surrounded by metal...METAL! That's intimidating, that's painful, and it doesn't have very much give."

Backstage reaction to the cage match:

"Everyone is so supportive and told us we did great. That's the great thing about Smackdown. It really is like a family and everybody really looks out for each other and everybody wants to see everyone succeed because the better one of us does, the better all of us do!"

Royal Rumble being her favorite event:

"It's like Christmas Eve. It's all excitement, it's all buildup, and that's how I feel about Royal Rumble. And you never know who's going to come down the aisle. You never know who is going to return and who is going to pop into the Rumble match itself, and then who could be going onto the main event of Wrestlemania."

Her Royal Rumble winner prediction:

"I would love to see Bray Wyatt win. I think he's the best talent that we have and one of the best characters that we have. He's amazing and so compelling every time he's on the screen, I just want to watch him. Every time he's talking, and whether it's backstage or on the mic, I want to listen. I don't think that we've even seen half of what he can do."

Source: DC 101