Former WWE And TNA Star Returning To TV Soon

On last night's episode of the Wrestling Inc. podcast, which you can watch above, former WWE and TNA star Matt Morgan discussed his hectic schedule as of late, which has forced him to miss a few episodes.

"I'm trying to balance like 300 things here and still make this show," Morgan stated. "Not that I'm complaining, [but] I'm working 9 to 5 absolutely crushing sh-t. I'm getting ready for a men's physique show in June and we're cutting down my carbs, which makes me cranky and I've still got to hit the gym every night and not miss any nights whatsoever, including tonight. [Then I have to] get home, watch RAW and somehow get on this show!

"Oh yeah, P.S., I'm making my return to weekly broadcast television wrestling for a specific company – I'm not going to name names now – [but it will be] very, very soon. All that is going on, and yet here I still am!"

Morgan, who has been competing in bodybuilding competitions, noted that he will be putting his more-muscular frame to the test when he returns to the ring.

"It's going to be fun, I definitely have a new physique on me, I'm wondering how it will play out for me in the ring," Morgan said. "Can I constantly keep that physique? Being a bodybuilder is one thing, but I've always said that if I had to wrestle with that low body-fat, I would tear every muscle in my body. So we're about to put it to the test!"

When I asked how soon we'll see him in the ring, Morgan replied, "in the next four weeks."

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