Rockstar Spud spoke with SteelChair Wrestling Magazine on a number of wrestling topics. You can see the full interview in the video above. Here are some of the highlights:

Advice to new wrestlers:

"There's a lot of people that would like to do a lot of things in their life, but they'd rather sit on their Twitter machine or sit on the internet and moan about other people doing it. I respect anybody that gets off their ass and tries training, [and] sees how difficult this job is. It's a real blessing if you can make any money in this, just don't put so much pressure on yourself, because there is no pressure, and you're usually in competition with your own needs and expectations and what you think you should be. Put the hard work in, and the sky's the limit."

Impact's morale over the years and being an asset to the company:

"It's above my pay grade, [Laughs] if ya know what I mean, not to worry too much. That sort of stuff is out of my hands, here's what in my hands, 'Here's what you're doing today, go out there and knock it out of the park, and show the world that you're one of the best that this country's ever produced.' That's what I do every time. There isn't one performer on our television show that's done the stuff I've done and consistently made it work, and there's not one person that will consistently make it work. That's why I'm an asset."

Future goals:

"Yeah, I want to be World Champion, everyone's like 'What? You?' Yeah, I want to be World Champion and I've always said that and I could be and I know I can be. Put in the position, I will be, because I will get myself so connected with the audience that I'll either get them to hate me if I was the World Champion or I'll get them to love me if I was the World Champion. I have the focus to be the World Champion, but it's about getting into that spot."

Rockstar Spud also discussed which wrestlers stood out for him as a kid and wrestling in the UK. Again, you can view the full interview in the video above.

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