CT Fletcher is a body builder and YouTube Personality (with over 1 million subscribers) who gives weight lifting/fitness motivational tips. He's also been known to hang backstage at numerous WWE events, as well. Just a heads up, the video above is not safe for work due to some language.

Back in January, Fletcher brought in Jinder Mahal, Braun Strowman, and Big E to workout. He had them try out different workouts, including doing 100 reps with the weight changing every 10 reps. Despite his physical transformation, Mahal is the smallest of the three Superstars in the video, which gives a clear idea of how big Strowman and Big E are. As it's been well documented - and despite Mahal saying he's passed multiple tests - Mahal's physique has been called into question and defended over the past few months.

The WWE Champion is currently scheduled to take on Randy Orton at Money in the Bank on June 18. Getting back to the video, the trio of Superstars are put through a number of rigorous arm workouts, pushing them to their limits.

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