Former WWE superstar and UFC legend Ken Shamrock was recently a guest on the Primo Nutmeg podcast where he was asked if he would be interested in returning to WWE for a match against Brock Lesnar.

"Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. That's something I would love to do," said Shamrock. "I think that Brock Lesnar with his type of style, of just big muscles, slow moving power type stuff that I could really work a great match with him."

Shamrock, 53, worked for WWE from 1997 through 1999 and is a one-time Intercontinental Champion, one-time Tag Team Champion (with Big Boss Man) and one-time King of the Ring winner (1998).

He has since appeared in the video games WWF No Mercy, WWE '13 and WWE 2K16 but has not returned to WWE television. Shamrock refereed a match between Bryan Danielson and Low Ki in March 2002 and appeared for TNA in the promotion's early days.

In the interview with the Primo Nutmeg podcast, Shamrock revealed he went to WWE for the money after Vince McMahon aggressively pursued him after he originally contacted them. Shamrock doesn't feel the company used him the way they should have, instead putting over "imitations" such as Goldberg. Shamrock feels "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was a great talent but that WWE spent a lot of time on others when he was the real deal no holds barred fighter right in front of them.

You can listen to Shamrock's comments about wanting to face Lesnar from the Primo Nutmeg podcast embedded in the video above.

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