Backstage Note On How Long CM Punk Had Allegedly Been Planning AEW All Out Tirade

CM Punk started off AEW's All Out media scrum with an unexpected turn, but it's being reported that Punk likely had what he wanted to say brewing for quite awhile. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, a source said that when Punk returned from his foot injury weeks ago, he told them that the press conference after All Out was going to be interesting.


Punk didn't disappoint, publicly addressing his former dealings with Scott Colton, aka Colt Cabana, and the tension between the two. He then pivoted over to "Hangman" Adam Page, saying he went into business for himself during their feud before Double Or Nothing. Punk then took shots at the maturity of The Young Bunks, who he claims perpetuated the "high school b——t" and put the company's top babyface in a bad position. After that, Punk focused back on Page, disparaging the young star for being unwilling to take advice from the veteran talent behind the scenes.

All of Punk's laments flooded into the locker room before the entire media scrum was even finished. A fight broke out backstage after AEW All Out between The Bucks, Punk, Kenny Omega, Ace Steel, Christopher Daniels, Pat Buck and Michael Nakazawa. All parties involved were suspended with the future of Punk and Steel being left in question.


"Several wrestlers not affiliated with either side noted to us that they felt Punk and Steel had to be gone," Meltzer said. He noted that some felt Punk's comments that Page "had never done anything in the business" reflected poorly on AEW's history, given that Page was a former world champion and headlined three of the biggest PPV shows in the promotion's history.