Eric Bischoff Blasts AEW Press Conferences And CM Punk

The wrestling world was taken aback after CM Punk dropped several bombshells during his portion of the All Out post-show media scrum. He called out members of the AEW roster, including Executive Vice Presidents, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, and said that they were "irresponsible" in their roles due to leaking stories to the media. The Elite was apparently enraged by Punk's comments, leading to a physical altercation and a number of suspensions. Now, former WCW Senior Vice President Eric Bischoff has shared his thoughts on the matter.


"It's a joke," Bischoff candidly said on his podcast, Strictly Business. "A disaster. Clearly. But even if you wouldn't have had what happened Sunday, even if Punk hadn't had his whiny ass b***** meltdown and eviscerate his boss, who's paying him millions of dollars, far more than he's worth."

Bischoff made a few sporadic appearances for AEW starting in August 2020. His last one was in May of last year. Bischoff's relationship with the company's Owner and CEO Tony Khan has fractured since then, and Bischoff has been more outspoken in his criticism since Punk joined AEW.

"I'm disappointed, and I was hopeful like a lot of people, but clearly, since he's arrived there, in my opinion, he s*** the bed. The guy can't have a match without being hurt and put on the shelf for six months. He's old, he's brittle and he's bitter. Move him on, next."


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