Seth Rollins On WWE Booking Decision He Still Has A Chip On His Shoulder Over

Seth Rollins can be a team player, but he does find it beneficial to have a chip on his shoulder. Rollins, along with his Superstar wife Becky Lynch, were the guests on the latest episode of "Out Of Character" and he addressed the need to stick up for himself this past July. Rollins' on-air feud with Matt Riddle hit a bit of a speed bump when their singles match was pulled off the card for SummerSlam. Rollins was not happy with that decision and aired his grievances online with an "out-of-character" tweet apologizing for letting his fans down due to matters beyond his control. It wasn't long before Triple H, WWE's new Chief Content Officer, replied by writing, "I hear you!" 


"We had a conversation before his tweet," Rollins said. "Not mine, there was no conversations had before mine. Yeah, I was not happy with that and how that played out."

'I felt very slighted'

Rollins did note that he and Triple H ironed it all out after Rollins made his tweet, but he did want to make a point by speaking his mind.

"I didn't mean to undermine any of what he was trying to get done and I understood in the long game of kind of why the decision was made to move my match off the show, but I still have a chip on my shoulder all the time. I still think I'm competing at such a high level right now," he said. "I felt very slighted and I wasn't about to let anybody but me control that narrative and so I felt bad, but I had to do what I had to do."


Rollins and Riddle ended up having their match at Clash at the Castle and it was Rollins who got the victory.

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