KENTA Appears To Take A Shot At CM Punk And WWE

It's open season with regards to wrestlers and fans knocking CM Punk, and NJPW star KENTA is the latest to join the party.

On Sunday, KENTA noted that his four-year stint with the WWE – which he has previously described as "the most frustrating days" of his life – was further ruined because he wasn't allowed to use the GTS, a move that he created. 


"Let the world know," KENTA wrote on Twitter. "One of my worst experience in this business is that I was not allowed to use MY finishing move for 4 years. A move which I created on my own. WHAT A LIFE."

Shortly after CM Punk departed from WWE in January 2014, KENTA arrived in WWE's Performance Center for a tryout. He would eventually sign a WWE contract later that year, before debuting on the "NXT" brand under the name Hideo Itami at the TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way event on September 11, 2014.

While it's unknown if Punk or WWE prevented KENTA from using the move, KENTA's tweet seems to imply exactly that. 

KENTA used the GTS only a few times during his WWE run, doing so for the first time at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II event where he hit Austin Aries with the maneuver. The veteran wrestler was eventually released from WWE in February 2019.


Last week, KENTA also agreed with Bobby Fish's scathing comments on Punk's MMA skills, writing on Twitter that Fish was "100% right" for calling out Punk. Ever since Punk returned to wrestling last year, KENTA has repeatedly challenged Punk to a match but hasn't garnered any type of response from the former AEW World Champion. KENTA made a cameo for AEW in February 2021, teaming up with Kenny Omega in a match against Jon Moxley & Lance Archer.