Sasha Banks Provides Update On Her Plans For The Future

Sasha Banks still has yet to make her reported return to WWE, but she recently joined the "Star Wars" podcast "Ahch-To Radio" to discuss her role in "The Mandalorian." While the conversation centered on her "Mandalorian" character, Koska Reeves, and Banks' experience of joining the "Star Wars" universe, host Alden Diaz did ask Banks about her upcoming plans for the future.


"There is so much that I'm kind of creating right now that's all under an umbrella," Banks said. "I'm an actor, writer, model, producer, extraordinaire entertainer. So all within those realms, I'm doing something, so you'll just have to stay tuned."

Banks shared that she also wishes to pursue music in the near future. "I don't know if that's the number one next thing," she said, "because there's a lot of things coming with acting right now. But I'm really starting to focus my mind around music."

It remains to be seen if the former WWE superstar is simply remaining tight-lipped about a return to wrestling, or if she is truly moving on from the industry. Earlier in the conversation, Banks elaborated on the differences between crafting a wrestling character and working as an actor.


"We're always portraying different characters in every given moment of our time," she said. "For me, it's really just owning my own IP and owning the character behind the character, and really defining who's the character that's playing the character, so it's really just finding yourself."

Banks and her tag team partner, Naomi, walked out of WWE back in May, and neither have been seen in a wrestling ring since. However, rumors have swirled in the aftermath of Vince McMahon's retirement that Banks could be ready to make her return to the squared circle at any moment.