Sasha Banks Compares Outside WWE Endeavour To 'My First Wrestling Match'

It remains to be seen if Sasha Banks will ever make her reported WWE return. However, "The Boss" recently shed some light on her future plans, revealing that she has her eggs in various baskets at the moment. One of those ventures includes modeling, for which she launched her career during this year's New York Fashion Week.


While speaking to Page Six, Banks revealed that her first modeling experience was "chaotic" and compared it to the way she felt prior to her "first wrestling match."

"I'm back to being the new girl. It felt like everyone was like, 'Who's this? Who's taking my spot?' But I just had to walk in with confidence like I knew what I was doing because this has been a dream of mine for such a long time, to be in the modeling space."

That said, the experience was a dream come true for Banks, as she grew up a fan of models as well as wrestling. "Tyra, Adriana Lima, I grew up watching all of the Victoria's Secret girls, so I always dreamt of being on a runway," she revealed. "Watching those girls, I was always like, 'I want to have wings one day.'"


Of course, most wrestling fans hope to see Banks in WWE again at some point. Triple H commented on her possible return earlier this month, stating that the door is open if both parties can start communicating again. However, the Chief Content Officer seemed keen to bring her back, noting that she's incredibly talented.