Road Dogg On What About CM Punk's Mentality Makes Him A Mark

"Road Dogg" Brian James believes the chickens have come home to roost when it comes to CM Punk. On the newest episode of "Oh You Didn't Know," James suggested that Punk wanted clauses in his contract guaranteeing title reigns. James also said a certain mantra in pro wrestling is counterproductive.

"I also heard if you don't want to be the champion, then there's no reason for you to be in this business.' Well there's only one champion! If that was the mentality of everybody in the industry, there'd be one person on the card," he said before taking a shot at the former AEW World Champion.

"If you're coming into this with the CM Punk mentality of 'I need to be a main event, I need to be a champion,' you've got bigger fish to fry," James said before beginning to sing Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror." He refers to Punk as a "marky" in the second verse.

Co-host Casio Kid asked if there's anybody else James would like to bury and he said that he buried who he wanted to because Punk is "not a nice person."

"If you've been friends with somebody for so long and all of a sudden you're in a lawsuit over stuff and you can't just talk to [one another]? I don't understand it," James said, obviously referring to the fractured friendship between Punk and Colt Cabana.

Respect Is A Two-Way Street

The wedge that came between James and Punk occurred when James and his tag partner Billy Gunn with him during their run in 2014. The New Age Outlaws tagged with Punk against The Shield on an episode of "WWE Raw." James said that  Punk was disrespectful towards him and Gunn.

"Seeing the attitude that he had towards me and Billy, granted, we were not Hall of Famers at the time, but we were on our way to be for sure," said James, who wrote off Punk after that interaction. "I mean that was that. You don't get a second chance at that. I'm showing you respect, why aren't you showing me respect? "Respect is a two-way street, and if you don't give it, you dang sure ain't getting it. Not from me, and you got one shot at that with me and Billy, and it was just like he talked to us negatively."

James added that he considered fighting Punk, noting that this was prior to Punk going into MMA training. "If I wouldn't have been newly hired, I would have probably fought him and I feel relatively confident that I would have come out on top," James said. "That's enough burying Punk. He's burying himself good enough right now."

Punk is out of action with a torn triceps and reportedly has been suspended by AEW for his role in an alleged backstage fight.

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