Bayley Names WWE NXT Star Who Helped Her Get Back Into Ring Shape

Bayley made her return at SummerSlam back in July after recovering from a torn ACL. On her journey to return to WWE TV, she had some assistance from a top NXT act. During an appearance on "Casual Conversations," Bayley revealed which NXT star played a huge role in her recovery process.

"Indi Hartwell is gonna be really mad if I give a big list of people or I just say everyone's good, which I don't, I just see these things," Bayley joked. "First, I will say Indi. She's the one who helped me get back into ring shape. She spent countless hours with me after her training. She did training, then she did promo class, then she did weight training, and she would still come and train with me afterward. So, she knows I can't thank her enough for spending that time with me. We were able to learn from each other and bond as friends as well. I think she has endless potential. She has such a great onscreen character, fans love her, she's super athletic, and she just has so much potential."

It didn't take long for Bayley to get back in the swing of things upon her return from injury. She now leads a new faction, Damage CTRL, which also features Dakota Kai and IYO SKY. The faction recently scored championship gold as Kai and SKY captured the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship on the September 12 episode of "RAW." Bayley currently has her sights set on Bianca Belair's "RAW" Women's Championship. She pinned Belair in a six-woman tag team match at Clash at the Castle, and is now in prime position for a title opportunity. 

Please credit "Casual Conversations" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription if you use any quotes in this article.