Vic Joseph Reveals Powerful Fan Moment That Happened After WWE NXT Went Off The Air

When fans talk about the "black-and-gold" version of "WWE NXT," they're referring to the era that originally brought the show massive popularity, with iconic moments and stellar matches that took it from a developmental promotion on the WWE Network to a two-hour USA program. For the past year, however, "NXT" has been repackaged as "NXT 2.0," a more colorful, character-driven show with a homegrown cast of wrestlers. That, however, appears to be coming to an end. On the most recent edition of "NXT 2.0," a clip was shown that saw the "NXT" logo change back to black and gold, with white inside of the letters and the "2.0" fading away. On "After the Bell" with Corey Graves, "NXT" commentator Vic Joseph revealed a powerful moment that occurred after the cameras were turned off at "NXT" this week.

"The show went off the air," Joseph said. "Five, six minutes went on, and the crowd was just chanting 'black and gold.' To give you an idea, Graves, the camera crew had enough time to leave and get brought back out, reconnect, and get put back in position to film some of the audience, and this organic reaction.

"And I stood up and took my headset off, and I was just standing there looking around like, 'Holy s***.' Wade was even laughing, and we were like, 'This is unreal,' The amount of love, that all of sudden ... it's hard to describe. I guess maybe that black and gold means so much to so many."

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