Brian Pillman Jr. Comments On AEW All Out Brawl

The bedlam following the All Out 2022 press conference has been on many AEW fans' minds since the event occurred on September 4. This has led to many members of the AEW roster being asked what personal knowledge they have of the situation, and many have been either tight-lipped or generally unaware of the situation themselves. 

For some members of the roster, the altercation came as a surprise, with people like Anthony Henry being shocked that the events occurred at all due to AEW's relatively positive atmosphere backstage. A similar stance seems to have been taken by Brian Pillman Jr., who was not present for the fight himself, according to his interview with Rene Dupree on a recent episode of "Cafe de Rene."

When asked by a fan whether he's on "Team EVP or Team Punk," Pillman simply said he wasn't present, so he's unable to pick a side. "I pick whoever won the fight, that's whose side I'm on," Pillman said jokingly before seriously addressing the situation for a brief moment. "Honestly, it's just over my head, I wasn't there." Pillman added before stating that he "looks up to all the guys" involved in the situation. Pillman's main takeaway was that he "can't believe my heroes are fighting each other."

Pillman went on to mention that he tries not to get too involved in drama when he is wrestling in AEW, saying, "Whenever I'm there, I'm just happy to be there, try not to p*** anybody off, and try not to get punched myself."