The Blue Meanie On Why He Feels The AEW World Title Is Blemished

The September 21 episode of "AEW Dynamite" saw the crowning of a new AEW World Champion. Jon Moxley and CM Punk recently traded titles and then Punk was stripped of the championship following a backstage altercation between Punk, The Elite, and others. In an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc., former ECW star The Blue Meanie discussed the current state of the AEW World Championship.

"I don't know what all the particulars are between the Punk camp and the Elite camp, so to speak and people go, "Oh, it's a work," and I always say this when something happens: If it's a work, who's benefiting? Punk just won the belt for the second time, and the Elite, the Bucks, and Omega are the first-ever Trios champions. The next TV show, they're stripped of those belts and suspended. So, now they have to go through a whole process of crowning new Trios champions, the whole new process of having a tournament for the World title, and it puts a blemish on the World title."

Prior to the past month, the AEW World Championship had only seen five title changes, with previous champions enjoying substantial reigns. During the interview, Meanie discussed the title's history and how it affected a huge storyline outside of the title picture. "For a little while there, the AEW belt was pretty protected," Meanie continued. "Now, it's kind of just like, "Okay, he's a champ. There's an interim champ, he's champ again. Now he's suspended and injured," and they had this whole tournament for the Trios title, and now they had to go and figure out what to do with the Trios, and it couldn't be a work because you just totally buried the return of MJF."