Karrion Kross Reacts To Recent WWE White Rabbit Teases

WWE has had the wrestling world talking over this past weekend after they played "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane throughout the arena, which the company did during "WWE SmackDown," and again at live events. It has led to fans speculating over what it could mean, with clips of the song being shown on social media, with red lights being flashed when it plays. 


This has led to some questioning if WWE is planting the seeds for Bray Wyatt to make his return in the near future, potentially under his Fiend gimmick. Wyatt did previously showcase himself as The Mad Hatter during one of his Firefly Funhouse episodes, and there have been reports that he has had conversations with WWE regarding a possible return to the company. 

However, the song could also be in relation to former "WWE NXT" Champion Karrion Kross, and he has teased that possibility himself on Twitter. Kross used to be known as The White Rabbit during his time in Lucha Underground, with fans wondering if the song means he will be bringing that gimmick to WWE.

Kross took to Twitter to respond to a fan who had that theory, simply sharing images of a white rabbit, a hole to represent going underground alongside a question mark, and then the classic hourglass which is a part of his character to go alongside the Tick Tock catchphrase that he uses. This has been taken as him teasing that he could be behind the song being used, with Kross currently a member of the blue brand, where this song was used. 


Right now Kross is feuding with Drew McIntyre, who he has been playing mind games with since he made his comeback, and this could just be another example of that.