Bayley Declares When She Wants Her Shot At The Raw Women's Title

Bayley was able to pin "Raw" Women's Champion Bianca Belair during the six-woman tag team match at WWE's Clash At The Castle, the first time Belair had been pinned in nearly a year. Belair was ready to put her title on the line on the following episode of "Raw," but Bayley refused, stating it would be on her time. We now know exactly what time Bayley had in mind. During the main event segment of "WWE Raw" this week, Bayley made it clear that she wants her shot at the "Raw" Women's Championship, and she wants it at WWE's upcoming premium live event, Extreme Rules.

Bayley has been feuding with Belair since returning from injury at WWE SummerSlam, bringing Dakota Kai and IYO SKY with her to create the Damage CTRL faction. The trio have been a thorn in the side of Belair ever since, and on "Raw," the group jumped Belair to close the show, leaving the EST of WWE laying in the middle of the ring. Bayley had just defeated Belair's recent ally, Alexa Bliss, in the main event, and she and her Damage CTRL teammates put the beatdown on Belair, Bliss, and Bliss' tag team partner, Asuka, before Bayley took the microphone to officially challenge Belair to a title match at Extreme Rules. Belair, for obvious reasons, was unable to respond.

So far only two other matches have been confirmed for the event, with Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey set to collide in an Extreme Rules match for the "SmackDown" Women's Championship, while Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle will meet inside the Fight Pit.