Tony Khan Clarifies When MJF Can Cash In His Title Shot

Despite boasting that he held up AEW for more money and threatened to walk out, Tony Khan thinks MJF is the best problem the company ever had.

"The fans love MJF," Khan explained to "Rasslin'" host Brandon Walker. "Whether they love him, hate him, he has got fans all over the world that wants to see MJF wrestle and whether he loves them or hates them it doesn't matter."


Khan confirmed that the Casino Ladder Match winner will be at Wednesday night's "Dynamite" Grand Slam special, saying that MJF has been "looming" over the title picture. He also explained that the Casino Ladder Match victory means MJF is "gonna have a shot at the world title, anytime he wants, I will sanction that match."

Tony doubled down when asked to clarify, saying "any time, any sanctioned event," MJF could get his title opportunity.

"It's a world with live television, pay-per-view events, there's all these opportunities. It's exciting to have a contender out there looming, and to have his big championship match tonight on 'Dynamite.'"

Jon Moxley is set to face Bryan Danielson Wednesday night in the final of the Tournament of Champions. The winner will be crowned the new AEW World Champion.


"It certainly makes it that much more interesting to have two of the best wrestlers in the world, one on one for the world championship," Khan gushed, "and MJF looming in the background as a top contender with the right to challenge for the title at any time. It's a very interesting title picture in AEW."

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