Taz On How Pro Wrestlers Can Be Their Own Worst Enemy

If you've been around the wrestling industry as long as AEW commentator and former ECW star Taz, you have seen things most people wouldn't believe, and I don't mean attack ships on the shores of Orion. Perhaps the most important thing Taz has learned during the course of his storied career is that wrestlers can be their own worst enemy.

Taz, the founder of Team Taz and father of AEW star HOOK, elaborated on why that is often the case during an interview with Superstar Crossover."

"In over 30 years of being in this business, a lot of times what happens with wrestlers, if they don't get pushed the way people think, a lot of times it's their own fault what happens sometimes backstage," Taz said. "And it could just be a demeanor, or a disposition. You don't have to kiss butt, I'm not even alluding to that, but there's a certain way I think to carry yourself. And I've seen a lot of talented guys and girls where it hurts them, it hurts their push, because if you're tough to do business with or deal with, you get that rep, it's very bad.

"When I first came to AEW, I was retired, I was just an announcer. But I can tell, the aura was so different, and just a different vibe. There was no backstabbing, none of that crap. It still is. It's just awesome. It's the aura that the company has. You've interviewed [AEW CEO] Tony Khan, so you know the type of guy he is. It starts at the top, and that's why our place is the best place to work, in my opinion."

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