Ronda Rousey Gives Her Pick For Who WWE's White Rabbit Is

Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" has been creating intrigue in the WWE Universe lately. The psychedelic track, released in 1967, has been playing out of arena speakers during non-televised WWE events, causing fans and pundits to assume that the company is teasing the arrival of a mysterious figure. Ronda Rousey has also given her two cents on the matter, as she explained during the latest episode of "The Baddest Stream."


"We all have our theories about what it means, but I like to think that it's... Bray Wyatt's coming back. We'll see."

Rousey isn't the first person to associate the song with Wyatt's long-rumored WWE comeback. The musical number has been accompanied by red lights, similar to the colors of the former Superstar's entrance during his time as "The Fiend." Furthermore, the song's lyrics were inspired by "Alice in Wonderland," which Wyatt previously referenced during a "Firefly Funhouse" segment in 2020.

It remains to be seen if Wyatt will return to the company, but Triple H seems keen to bring him back into the fold. "The Game" recently praised Wyatt's creativity and didn't rule out the possibility of seeing him in a WWE ring again someday. Other theorists have argued that the song is being used in relation to Karrion Kross, who returned to WWE back in August. The 37-year-old was known as The White Rabbit in Lucha Underground, and he's been known to play mind games on his opponents in the past. Kross has reacted to the "White Rabbit" teases, implying that he might be involved.