Backstage News On Luther's AEW Status

AEW star Luther is known as many things — death match legend, the Original Death Dealer, Dr. Luther, on occasion Lenny St. Clair, and for the uninitiated, that guy who hangs around that Serpentico dude a lot. But in addition to all those lovely titles, there's now something else Luther can be referred to as: AEW producer.

According to Fightful Select, in addition to his duties as one half of Chaos Project, Luther has been putting in work behind the scenes at AEW as a producer and coach. Fightful noted that Luther in fact helped produce a match for "AEW Rampage: Grand Slam" that will be seen this Friday on TNT, though Fightful didn't reveal which match; when they inquired regarding Luther's producer status, they were told he had been in the role for some time.

Evidently the producing/coaching gene must run deep within Chaos Project, because according to Fightful, Luther's tag team partner is also getting in on the action. Like Luther, Serpentico has been pulling double duty, largely working matches on AEW's sister shows "AEW Dark" and "AEW Dark: Elevation" while also producing and coaching matches. It's unclear how long the 15-year vet has been coaching in addition to wrestling.

Regardless, Luther and Serpentico can be added to the long string of AEW producers who work hard both in and out of the ring, joining QT Marshall, Madison Rayne, and Trustbusters leader Ari Daivari. Other key AEW producers include wrestling legends Dean Malenko and former Ring of Honor World Champion Jerry Lynn, as well as Create-A-Pro-Wrestler school founder Pat Buck.