Luigi Primo Defends Comedy Wrestling To Its Critics

Not everyone is a fan of comedy in their wrestling, but independent wrestler and pizza aficionado Luigi Primo is hoping to change some minds while also acknowledging his style may not be for everyone. Speaking to Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman, Primo shared his thoughts on the reaction to his recent appearance on "AEW Dynamite."

"I understand certain people have certain tastes about wrestling and I respect that," Primo said. "I'm not at all one of these people that are like, 'Oh, this guy needs to get to the 21st century.' In fact, it kind of bothers me when people have that attitude because people are allowed to like and not like things."

Still, Primo was happy that his AEW appearance seemed to draw positive reactions from many, and shared that those feelings continue to drive him forward with the character.

"On the other hand, I've seen how much people like it and how much it resonates with them. And I love it and I'm passionate about it," Primo stated. "But for me, a calling is not just something like 'Oh, I love to play "Pac-Man," it's my calling because I love to do it.' The second half of a calling is other people calling you to do it and being like, 'Wow, this means a lot to us.'"

Regardless of anyone's feelings about his pizza-loving wrestling persona, Primo intends to push ahead with his character.

"I'm not going to compromise the character, [or] do anything just for other people."

Primo appeared on the September 14 installment of "Dynamite." He was in a backstage segment with interviewer Alex Marvez before being rudely interrupted by Ethan Page of The Firm.

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