Will Ospreay And WWE Star Reminisce About Previous Match

A long time ago, in a galaxy somewhat far away, one of Will Ospreay's greatest rivals was Ricochet. The two had many notable, and controversial, fast-paced matches during their day, for promotions such as New Japan Pro-Wrestling in Japan, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in the United States, OTT in Ireland, and What Culture Pro Wrestling in England. And while the good times ended once Ricochet went off to WWE, that doesn't stop Ospreay from recreating that one Wolverine meme where he looks back on their matches fondly.

The former IWGP Heavyweight Champion did just that late Wednesday evening, when he quote-tweeted a fan who posted a gif featuring highlights from a Ospreay-Ricochet match in 2017.

"One of my favourites of all the ones we've done," Ospreay tweeted.

The response also got the attention of Ricochet, who responded to his former rival.

"Just watched this whole match not too long ago," Ricochet tweeted. "Man it was so fun."

The match, which took place in What Culture Pro Wrestling, was a semi-final in the promotion's World Cup tournament. Ospreay would go on to defeat Ricochet to reach the finals later in the show, where he was ultimately defeated by KUSHIDA. To date, it's the last match Ospreay and Ricochet have had against each other, as Ricochet would sign his WWE deal only a few months later.

Ospreay's next big match will occur this weekend at New Japan's Burning Spirit event in Kobe World Hall, where he will defend the IWGP United States Championship against David Finlay Jr.