Chris Jericho Addresses How Long He Will Keep Wrestling

Chris Jericho doesn't see a light at the end of the tunnel yet, and he's okay with that.

The legendary Canadian wrestler, who has competed in promotions across the world for more than three decades, opened up about his future retirement in a new interview with GQ magazine, saying he's got plenty left in the tank, comparing himself to Tom Brady, who is still one of the NFL's best quarterbacks after coming out of retirement at 45.

"At 51, am I the best? No, but some nights I am," Jericho said. "And I'm one of the best every night."

"I always say that when I lose a match, [people think] it's the best match. When I win a match, suddenly it's 51-year-old Jericho holding down the young guys. And, you know, I don't mind," Jericho continued. "I'm 51, I'm not ashamed of it. I've had 32 great years. But f***, man, if I can reinvent myself and maybe have four or five more years wrestling at the highest of levels, why not do it?"

Jericho said he doesn't "have a problem with age, but I do have a problem when you give up."

"I just saw the Stones in London in July, and Mick Jagger still looks like Mick Jagger. He's almost 80, but he sings great, he looks great, he moves great. You can still go to a Stones show and feel like you saw the Stones," he added.

The former AEW World Champion and current Ring of Honor World Champion noted that he "obviously" won't be wrestling when he's 80 years old, but he also never imagined himself still wrestling at 51 — especially not in world championship form.

"So it's a real reinvention, not just from a gimmick standpoint, but from a lifestyle standpoint," he said. "I'm very proud of it."