Kurt Angle Addresses The Possibility Of Managing Gable Steveson

While Kurt Angle hasn't closed the door entirely on his in-ring career, he still has much to offer wrestling in other roles. In the past, Angle has worked at WWE in a non-wrestling capacity as a general manager and backstage producer, but with another Olympic gold medalist in Gable Steveson on the roster, there may be an opportunity for the former world champion to play a new part.


In an interview with "The Wrassingh Show," Angle shared his thoughts on the idea of managing Steveson. "I would consider it," he said. "I'd have to think about it and see what they wanted me to do. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have me manage Gable Steveson. But I just have to see how he pans out."

While the 13-time world champion has high regard for Steveson, he's concerned about whether or not he'll have much success in WWE. "I don't know how he's picking up on the techniques," Angle elaborated. "I don't know how he's doing with his promo skills and backstage vignettes. You know you gotta have a lot of charisma to be in the company, especially if you wanna be successful."

From amatuer to pro wrestling

The WWE, TNA, and International Sports Hall of Famer understands how difficult it can be to transition from amateur wrestling to professional wrestling. Both sports have dramatically different schools of thought — amateur wrestling is focused on getting the win in a competitive contest, while pro-wrestling focuses on scripted storytelling.


"In pro-wrestling you have to tell a story," Angle said. "Not only that, you have to show emotion. In amateur wrestling, you don't show any emotion. So in pro wrestling, you have to show that you're excited, scared, angry, mad. That's part of the business, and that's part of why the fans get heavily involved with you is from your emotions. So I don't know if Gable has that yet."

After an impressive performance at the 2020 Summer Olympics, Steveson signed with WWE in the company's first NIL deal. Shortly after the signing, he was drafted to the "Raw" brand. Despite being an official member of the main roster, he still has yet to make his in-ring debut, and it might be a while before he does.