Kurt Angle Goes Into Detail Regarding Possible Last Match

Former WWE star and Olympic gold medal winner Kurt Angle has spoken about the potential of getting back into the ring for one last match. In a conversation with Wrasslinews, kept the door open for a future return, while also saying that he has no current plans for a match.


"In pro wrestling, anything's possible. Maybe down the road, I might have the itch to do it again. I don't have it now, and I don't want it now, but you never know," Angle stated. "You wait a couple years after your knee replacement surgery and you see how you feel. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, that's okay."

When it comes to possible opponents for Angle's last match, the Olympian shared that there are a few wrestlers he would have in mind, including one that fans were clamoring for during Angle's last run in the WWE. "You know, with John [Cena], I think he's possibly still in his prime, so I would definitely say John Cena," Angle shared.

Finding the right opponent for return match

Kurt Angle pointed out that finding the right opponent is key to making a return worthwhile at his age. "Ric Flair did not pick an older guy to wrestle. He picked Jay Lethal. There's a reason for that," Angle said. "Jay Lethal is going to make him look good because he's younger, and he's in his prime. That's what I would want if I came back and wrestled. I'd want a Roman Reigns, or a Seth Rollins, or even a John Cena. Those are the names that I would pick because I know those guys would carry me through a match."


If he did come out of retirement, Angle stated that he would be intent on having a quality match. "I'd want the match to be at least four stars out of five stars," he shared.

Angle underwent a double knee replacement back in May. "I'm feeling well, I'm coming out of it pretty good," Angle said. "It's been about three and a half months and I'm almost fully recovered. Usually you don't have a full recovery for nine to 10 months, but I've been able to bounce back pretty quickly."