Kurt Angle has had many major surgeries over his 21-year pro wrestling career.

In past years, the former Olympian and Gold Medalist has had surgery on his neck multiple times, but that is not the only body part that needs recovery. While on The Kurt Angle Show, Angle discussed his recent double knee surgery and how it went.

“I’m not doing much better, it’s pretty brutal, especially when you have both knees done at the same time, I’ve never went through anything this difficult,” Angle stated. “I also have a little bit of a back problem so I can’t use my back, so I’m pretty much useless. When I did the surgery what they found out, they found a screw in my left knee just hanging out in my knee socket.”

Angle went into more detail about his knees and what specifically would bother him physically.

“From all the injuries and everything [his knees], they stayed bent,” Angle explained. “It was wearing on my knees and that’s how I got arthritis in my knees because I couldn’t flex my quad, extension fully. So, my quad was always on fire when I was walking.”

Angle spent eight years in WWE in his first run with the company. He signed in 1999, just three years after he famously won an Olympic Gold Medal with a “broken freaking neck,” as he likes to put it. Angle had much success in WWE, winning both the Intercontinental and European Championships within a year, holding both at the same time. In 2001, Angle became WWE World Champion, a title he would go on to hold for a total of four times.

The Gold Medalist left WWE in August of 2006 and less than three months later, signed with the second-biggest wrestling organization in America at the time, TNA. Angle defeated TNA star Abyss in his first match with the company and from there, proceeded to win the TNA Heavyweight Championship on six different occasions, totaling ten world championship runs between the two companies.

Angle returned to WWE in 2017 when he was inducted into that year’s Hall of Fame class. Angle became the General Manager of “Monday Night Raw” until late 2018 when Stephanie McMahon relieved him of his position. Angle also wrestled for the company from 2017 until 2019, his last match being against Happy Corbin at WrestleMania 35. Angle has not had a match in or out of WWE since. There were rumors regarding a possible return as a manager, but nothing ever came of it.

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