Even an Olympic Gold Medalist like Kurt Angle isn’t impervious to in-ring miscommunications, and the WWE Hall of Famer recalls a time when such happened between him and Sting.

Angle took to Twitter to share a GIF of him wielding Sting’s bat during his time at Impact. In the GIF, Angle is charging at Sting with the bat and swings down upon him only for it to awkwardly connect with Sting’s forehead. Angle gives us the context behind the odd spot:

“The time I busted Stinger wide open! It wasn’t supposed to happen. He was supposed to catch the bat but the bat snuck past his hands and nailed his forehead. Sting was a bloody mess after this match and had to get multiple stitches.”

By watching the clip, you can see that Sting clearly mistimed the moment, but Angle noted on a 2021 episode of The Kurt Angle Show that he and Sting have always had a positive relationship.

“We hit it off from the start,” Angle said. “We got along perfectly well, we had a lot in common. He was just one of the most humble people I had ever talked to. I can’t believe that he was a part of WCW at a time where things there were very political and guys were stabbing each other in the back.”

Sting, who is now 63, was pulled from the AEW Double or Nothing Fan Fest on Memorial Day weekend as he was not cleared to travel. He did suffer a beatdown on a previous “Dynamite” at the hands of the Young Bucks who double superkicked Sting before Kyle O’Reilly smashed his ankle. Whether the intent was to write him off television, for the time being, remains unknown.

Angle has sure wrested his fair share of legends through his extensive career and he recently talked about what it was like battling the Undertaker in the ring. He cited his “No Way Out” 2006 match with the Deadman as his second favorite all-time due to the length and work rate involved with the bout.


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