Jimmy Korderas Reacts To WWE Once Again Calling Refs By Their Names On TV

Fans may have noticed that WWE is once again referring to referees by name. On recent shows, commentary has slipped in passing mentions of the various referees by name during the matches they're officiating. It's a minute change, but it's very significant to some, and that significance isn't lost on 37-year industry veteran and former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas, who expressed his opinion to Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman.

"It's nice to be recognized by having your name mentioned," Korderas said. "And they're not doing it like, 'Oh, the referee for this match is Charles Robinson.' The referee for ... Chad Patton. Whatever the case may be. Shawn Bennett, whoever it is, or Bonsai. I like that in the commentary, it's mentioned, 'Oh, good call by referee So-and-So ... It's kind of done in passing, as opposed to putting emphasis on it, so at least they get their name mentioned."

Kordeas went on to explain his feelings on the importance of making the referee a known element within the match, without making them "the focal point of the match." This sentiment has been floated towards AEW recently by other former officials. And while he didn't have anything to say about AEW in that regard, Kordeas has provided insight into the promotion's frequent usage of the "distracted referee" trope.

The legitimacy given to a match was a point of emphasis for Kordeas, who noted that almost any fan of combat sports knows who Herb Dean or Mills Lane is, and that even passively mentioning a referee's name was a step towards that kind of recognition.